Rivermill Express
Rivermill Express

Rivermill Express

Jesse Harris - Lead Guitar & Vocals
Rick Rader - Bass Guitar & Vocals
Ricky "Rock 'n Roll" Rader - Rhythm Guitar
Larry McGrath - Drums

Contact Jesse Harris

through Rivermill Express Facebook or
phone: (402) 841-0481

The Rivermill Express is a Country and Old Rock 'n' Roll band from Northeast Nebraska. The band includes lead singer and guitarist Jesse Harris, who recorded an album in Nashville, Tennessee in 1999, Rick Rader who provides vocals and bass guitar for the group, Ricky Rader on rhythm guitar and vocals, and Larry McGrath on the drums. Between the four members of the group, they share over forty years of experience in the music business.

You can see the Rivermill Express perform at night clubs and bars throughout the Northeast Nebraska area at venues as diverse as The Phoenix Room in Norfolk, Nebraska; Jo Jo's in Pierce, Nebraska; the Norfolk VFW in Norfolk, Nebraska; Mrs Bubba's in Randolph, Nebraska; the Legion Club in Burwell, Nebraska and the White Spot Bar & Grill in Neligh, Nebraska. They were also selected by the The Roadhouse Bar & Grill in Brunswick, Nebraska to play for their Grand Opening.

Covering songs ranging from The Mavericks to AC/DC and also performing original arrangements written by Jesse Harris, the Rivermill Express offers something for everyone. If you are looking for a great time listening to some "Kick-Ass" Country and Old Rock 'n' Roll music, don't miss the Rivermill Express!

to book Rivermill Express, contact:
Jesse Harris
through the Rivermill Express Facebook page or
phone: (402) 841-0481